Поддержим Максима Балашова и Профсоюз «Университетская солидарность»

Поддержим Максима Балашова и Профсоюз «Университетская солидарность»

Maxim Balashov, a professor of mathematics, has been working at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) for nineteen years.  He also serves as chair of the trade union at his university, known as UNISOL.

The bosses at MIPT do not like UNISOL, which has successfully fought for increased salaries and reduced workloads, as well as fighting to ensure that the university complies with the Russian state labour code.

They decided to get rid of Professor Balashov by refusing to renew his contract, and openly cited his union activity as the reason for this.

UNISOL, together with the Confederation of Labour of Russia (KTR), has launched an online campaign on LabourStart demanding that the university reinstate Professor Balashov, and stop persecuting union activists.

Please take a minute to send your message of solidarity.  It makes a difference.

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