Поддержим борьбу против апартеида

Поддержим борьбу против апартеида

Support the Robertson Winery workers.

For some workers in South Africa, it seems as if apartheid never ended.  

According to a union representing workers at the Robertson Winery in the Western Cape, conditions in many vineyards are as bad as they were under the racist apartheid regime.  Their union is demanding that the employer recognize them as they already have the support of the majority of the workers.

But the company is refusing to agree to collective bargaining, an end to harassment and intimidation of union representatives, and so on.  The International Union of Foodworkers (IUF) has launched a global campaign demanding that the Robertson Winery behave responsibly.  

Please take a moment to join the nearly 6,000 people who have already sent messages, here:


Want to do more?

The Robertson website lists its agents in dozens of countries (including Canada, the UK and USA).  Why not write to the one in your country expressing your concerns?  The list is here.

Do these campaigns work?  Just ask the forestry workers union in Turkey, who through their global union federation BWI (Building and Woodworkers International) ran an online campaign on LabourStart recently.  As the union just told us, they have just won a very big victory — thanks in part to your support:

«The mining project that risks destroying the forests, jobs and water for the people in the Artvin province in Turkey has been halted following a court decision. The local people and members of the union TARIM ORMAN-IS who have supported the struggle is celebrating a big victory after the Council of State in July rejected an expert report that claimed that they would be able to protect the environment while mining.»

You can read the union’s full statement here.

Online campaigns work, and your support for the workers at Robertson Winery in South Africa will make a difference.

Thank you!

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