LabourStart награжден премией Артура Свенсона

LabourStart награжден премией Артура Свенсона


Yesterday, I returned from Oslo where I’ve spent the last several days.  I was there to participate in the ceremony where LabourStart received the Arthur Svensson International Prize for Trade Union Rights.
The ceremony was followed by a panel discussion about trade union rights in the Middle East in which I participated, together with three people who’ve been featured in LabourStart campaigns:

  • Nermin Al-Sharif, head of the Libyan Dockers’ and Seafarers’ Union, victim of an assassination attempt.
  • Kamal Abbas, founder of the Cairo-based Centre for Trade Union and Workers Services, arrested numerous times by the authorities for his work.
  • Mahdi Abu Dheeb, president of the Bahrain Teachers Association, just released after five years in prison.

I thought you might be interested in reading what I said at the prize ceremony on behalf of LabourStart.
To learn more about the Svensson prize, visit their website.
We’ve been posting media coverage of the event — almost entirely in Norwegian — on LabourStart’s Facebook page.
I hope you find this of interest — and please share with your fellow union members.

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