Колумбийский профактивист Хубер Баллесторс на свободе. Спасибо за поддержку.

Колумбийский профактивист Хубер Баллесторс на свободе. Спасибо за поддержку.
Every week or two, I ask you to send email messages of protest and solidarity.  Many thousands of you click the links and send the messages.  But do they make a difference?

Ask Huber Ballesteros.

Хубер Баллесторс — проактивист Колумбии. В 2013-2014 г.г. LabourStart в ходе двух он-лайн кампаний организовал более 19 000 обращений в его поддержку. Сейчас, благодаря вашей в том числе, активности Хубер на свободе.  According to Justice for Colombia, a UK-based campaigning organisation, «The support for the campaign to release Huber throughout that time has been overwhelming: letters from trade unions to the Colombian authorities, MPs bringing his case up in Parliament, delegations visiting him in jail, individuals writing Christmas cards and messages of supports, and thousands signing two separate petitions calling for his release. There is no doubt that alongside the international campaign for Huber’s release those acts of solidarity have played an essential role in not only securing Huber’s freedom, but also forcing the prison authorities to show some minimal respect for his rights whilst he was in prison.»

Right now, we have a relatively large number of active campaigns.  Every message you send increases the changes of workers winning.  

Want to know which of our recent campaigns you may have missed? Click here to find out.

Thank you.

Eric Lee

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